border collies

My Dyke, border collie, 12 years old.

My Fay, 13 years old, border collie, deceased beginning 2014, in loving memory.

My Trevor, border collie,15 years old, made for myself, he died in 2013.

Nancy Hebb’s border collie, working his sheep.

Rita de Bakker’s Zeb and Phoebe

Eva Lievens’s border collie

My Quilty, Maeglin Quilty, I loved her, she became 17 years old, a memory.

Deb Kelly’s dog, working sheep..

Viv Billingham-Parks’, Tweedhope’s Fae. From Scotland..

Bobbi Jo Barger’s Abbey Rose from Oregon.


Bella and Quilty, both not here anymore....

I will edit your digital photograph and I could print it on art-paper. It can look like a drawing or a painting. A great gift for a friend, daughter, son, husband or wife, or... for yourselves.